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Perfect Avertisement Targeting

Our Mission

The current ad targeting model is buggy!

Too much extrapolations, generalizations are drawn from a panel of a too few individuals.
Uncertain advertising reception rate and unsecured captivity.
Too generic, approximate targeting, based on extrapolations and unverified data.
Insidious and/or uncontrolled collection of customer data
Extrapolated customer data from "profiling" or "tracking" techniques, forgetting the real user behind the screen

A new paradigm

No more loss due to approximative targeting, now use a perfect recognition of the target without any extrapolation or approximation.

Draw your solution

Select your criteria, they will be used until a target will be reached.

Definitively Accurate

All targeting criteria, although anonymous, are constantly updated and link real customers.

A new tool, adapted to your needs

Define your criteria, push your message, charge your invoices.

Perfect Compliance

Processes really anonymous data, cannot identify a target in any way; no more sensitive profiles, RGPD compliances or vulnerable databases.

Really reach your target

No more profiling and/or tracking techniques, no more guesswork.

Real Advert

Real Advert ensures:

  • Real Advert's unique model definitely guarantees the security of target data.
           No more profiles, no more tracking, no more sensitive data, no more cookies...

  • The definitive anonymization of the target to everybody: advertisers, advertising agencies, media agencies and us!

  • The highest speed of the market! Our particular design guarantees a real time distribution of your messages, the target does not wait!

  • The ultimate respect and compliance with any legislation on the processing of personal data (RGPD) whatever it is.

  • Respect of the the target wishes; ads may be sent if the target customer has agreed to.

  • Dynamic advertising campaigns management.

  • Real-time dynamic ad delivery, targeted or untargeted.

  • Pige and instantaneous tracking of the pige, giving stats, hints and performance measures.

  • Management of unwanted messages, forbidden areas and advertising message broadcast.

  • Unlimited set of criteria (specific, 1 to 1, generic, behavioral, programmed...).

  • Possible coupling with dynamic criteria from external sources (weather, time, news,...).

  • No targets database: no profile to update, so instant results.

  • Performance and ease of use.

  • Customized interfaces via APIs: rapid integration with any information system, upstream and downstream.

  • Fully multimedia, static & animated pictures, video & movies, sound...

  • Opening Piges data (SQL, csv, xml...).

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